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Hopefully, you have all heard by now that we are adding a new program for our Youth Group! The name of this new initiative is none other than... WEDNESDAY NIGHT LIVE and it will start September 13th from 5:30-7:30PM with a huge kick-off celebration!! Our Youth won't want to miss this opportunity to hang out with their friends while praising God for the life He has given them!  We are packing a lot into these evenings, and we are stoked to present this wonderful opportunity for our youth to grow in their faith with one another! This is by no means a substitute for Sunday morning worship, it is just an opportunity for us to pour God's love and assurance into our kids lives. My goal is to make this a time where our youth and their friends are begging to come back to church so that they can hear more about God's love and the promises He has made to them. We have found a really top notch curriculum that we will be using from Group called "LIVE". It will remind us that our faith is not a passive thing that we can hide away until moments that are convenient for us to dust it off. Instead, our faith is active, and we "LIVE" our faith every day as we respond to God's eternal love for us! I will personally vet all material before we send anything out to our kids, and this is going to be awesome!

The schedule that we will use every week throughout the school year is...

  • 5:30PM-6:10PM Kids arrive at church, and we play games. (Split into age groups where High School youth will play with High Schoolers and Jr High will play with Jr High)


  • 6:10PM-6:25PM Eat Dinner together


  • 6:30PM-7PM Time of Prayer and Praise in Sanctuary (I will offer a 5 minute message)


  • 7PM-7:30PM Devotion (Split into appropriate age groups. 5th and 6th graders together, 7th and 8th graders together, and High Schoolers together.)

The awesome thing about this program is that as parents you will receive a weekly email from me detailing what we learned during our time of devotion, as well as questions that will help you keep the discussion rolling at home. Our kids will also receive daily texts from me that will all connect with that weeks lesson, and remind them of upcoming gatherings! 

If you are interested in assisting us with this fantastic opportunity please let me know. Currently we have a wonderful list of Young Adults ready to come teach both Jr. High classes, but we are always looking for more volunteers and can use your help! Please keep our youth in your prayers!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

and all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6  

Junior High
News for 5th - 8th Grade

Quick Reminders: 5th grade - 8th grade Youth

-August 20th, is Rally Day!! Join us from 12-3 pm for fun activities including bounce houses, face painting, water balloon toss, and more! It's going to be a spectacular day, and I hope you can all join us!

- September 8th-10th all 5th-8th graders are encouraged to attend the Jr. High Youth Retreat at Pickwick State Park! I am asking that all Confirmands and one parent per family attend this retreat, while 5th and 6th graders are highly encouraged to attend as well. Complete details are right below, but the total cost of the trip should be no more than $100 per person.

Please RSVP at the attached link before August 18th.

Please fill out a Release waiver form before September 8th.

The Jr. High Fall Retreat (and Confirmation Kick-Off) for this year will take place in Pickwick State Park, which is 2.5 hours south of our church, on the weekend of September 8th-10th. All Confirmation aged kids are required to come on this trip, as well as one parent per family. We will carpool down to the State Park Friday afternoon from our church parking lot. Plan to meet at church no later that 5:30PM, and we will stop and get dinner from a fast food restaurant on our way down to the State Park. Bring money to purchase your dinner. We will be staying in rooms at the State Park Inn both nights that will cost $50 per person for the entire weekend. We are factoring in $10 for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday (but this might be lower depending on prices that we are able to get), and we will rent a pontoon boat for Saturday that will run $15 per person. The total for the weekend per person will be no more than $100. We will have a morning, afternoon, and evening devotion on Saturday, a one hour confirmation kick-off meeting Saturday afternoon, and a Sunday morning worship service. Dan Schneider and some of our awesome fishing experts will be there as our fishing guides, and we will have opportunities to play disk golf, go hiking, and swim! We will come back home immediately following our Church service Sunday morning. Please bring money for lunch on Sunday. I am looking forward to this trip with you, and ladies we will need at least 2 adult chaperones to help with our girls. Please let me know who will be coming on this awesome retreat as soon as possible! 5th and 6th graders I especially need to hear from you on this so that I can get you the permission slip that will need to be signed.

Senior High

Senior High Events
Some quick reminders: High School Youth Group

-August 20th, is Rally Day!! Join us from 12-3 pm for fun activities including bounce houses, face painting, water balloon toss, and more! We are in need of your help that day, particularly with face painting! 

- August 26th, we are going to a Sounds Baseball Game as they take on the fierce Express from Round Rock, Texas! Tickets will be $15, and let's root our boys on to a win! If you want to join us I need your RSVP with the total number of tickets you will need by August 12th! Remember to invite your friends! Parents I need two chaperones that evening so please let me know if you are available to come with us.

National Youth Gathering
(7th Graders On)

If you are a youth who will be eligible to join us for the 2019 National Youth Gathering then please fill out the form below and return it to Pastor Erik.

If you are interested in being a chaperone for the National Youth Gathering please fill out the attached forms below and return it to Pastor Erik.

National Youth Gathering

August 6th is our next fundraiser. We will do a car wash that morning during the two services. Anyone who desires to work at the car wash to raise money for the National Youth Gathering must also attend one worship service that morning. If you do not attend a worship service that morning you do not get credit for working at the fundraiser. That means that even if you work for an hour, but do not come to church then you will not receive any of the proceeds that we earn for the day.

Parents, as I have to be in worship during that time, I need you to step up to the plate and take control of this fundraiser. Please let me know if you are available as a chaperone that morning and which service you would be able to assist us with. Thank you in advance for all of your help!!

- In a few weeks I will be sending out a chaperone application as well as a youth participation form for the National Youth Gathering. I am trying to find out who is interested in going in 2019 as either a youth group member, or as a chaperone. You do not need to be a parent of one of our youth to go as a chaperone. All are welcome to fill out the application, but the Board of Youth and I will look through these applications together and select the chaperones as we need them. Thank you again for your continued support of our youth.